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Removing the CO2 loading tab on the Umarex Walther PPK/S

ppksthumbThe Umarex Walther PPK/S is generally a pretty good replica.  However, in my opinion the appearance of early versions of this replica is spoiled by the CO2 tightening/piercing knob which projects below the butt.  Fortunately, if you have one of the earlier models, getting rid of the nasty loading tab isn’t particularly difficult.




Modifying the rear sight on an Umarex Walther CP88

sightthumbI have owned several Umarex pellet firing replicas, including three of my favourites: the Colt 1911, Beretta 92FS and Walther CP 88.  All three shared a common problem – they shot around 2½” high at a range of 6yds.  These are all otherwise accurate pistols, and because I often shoot at 6m range, I found having to aim off to such a degree irritating, so I finally decided to do something about it.




Repairing and refurbishing a Crosman 44 Peacemaker

44thumbSometimes when you work on an elderly replica, you end up wishing you had never started. That happened to me when I tried to repair a leaky Crosman 44 Peacemaker. It all worked out all right in the end, but getting there was more than a little frustrating…



Make it shiny – Polishing a zinc-alloy replica

shinethumbReplica pistols are good. Polished, shiny replica pistols are even better (it’s a man thing!). But, is it possible to turn an ordinary, boring black painted replica into a spiffy polished replica without using a professional polishing or plating service? Time to find out…




The Crosman 451 Hammer Saga

451thumbThe Crosman Model 451 is a rare and collectible replica, but it does have a major flaw – its sintered steel hammer is prone to breaking. World of Replica Ar Pistols reader R-Gun Pete decided to make a replacement hammer for his 451? I mean. how difficult could that be? The clue is in the word “saga“…

Crosman 451 Hammer saga: Part 1

Crosman 451 Hammer saga: Part 2

Crosman 451 Hammer saga: Part 3

Crosman 451 Hammer saga: Part 4

Crosman 451 Hammer Saga: Part 5

Crosman 451 Hammer saga: Part 6

Crosman 451 Hammer saga: Part 7

Crosman 451 Hammer saga: Part 8


Crosman Model 451 Seal Repair

451thumbWorld of Replica Air Pistols reader R-Gun Pete bought another elderly Crosman 451 when he was trying to replace the hammer on his own 451. But this time, the new 451 had a CO2 leak. This is the story of how Pete addressed that problem…

Crosman Model 451 Seal Repair – Part 1

Crosman Model 451 Seal Repair – Part 2


How to make your replica air pistol shoot more accurately

acthumbI like BB shooting replicas because they accurately replicate the function of firearms. However, I find it frustrating that so many are poor shooters. So, I decided to try and work out what the problem was and what you can do about it…





Making your own replica

rthumbI have always liked the idea of building my own replica. I haven’t tried to do this because of a couple of minor issues like a complete absence of ability, talent and experience and a lack of access to the machinery and tools that I’d need. However, World of Replica Air Pistols reader R-Gun Pete has all these things. So, when he planned an engineering test project, guess what he decided to make?




Handgun safeties

saf1For newcomers to replicas, de-cockers, manual safeties, trigger safeties, grip safeties and even things like the difference between double and single action triggers can be confusing. This video by Gordon Buck provides clear guidance on all these things.





Are all steel BBs the same?

bbthumbThere are major differences in 6mm BBs, not just in the weight of BBs but in different quality from different manufacturers. But, all 4.5mm steel BBs are the same. Aren’t they? There’s only one way to find out…




Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa Upgrade

uthumbTM airsoft pistols are pretty good out of the box, but they are also some of the most popular replicas to upgrade and modify. This is my attempt at some simple upgrades to my TM Hi-Capa. Are they easy to do? Will they really make a difference?

Part 1

Part 2


How to make the Gletcher PM 1951 shoot to the point of aim

I don’t know about you, but I hate a replica that shoots low. Fortunately, fixing this problem isn’t a major issues. In this article I tackle the Gletcher PM 1951 and try to make it shoot to the point of aim.