Novel: The Thing About Ghosts

In addition to writing about replica guns, I also write novels. The latest is a neo-noir supernatural detective story called: The Thing About Ghosts. And it even has a few guns in it…

The thing you have to remember about ghosts is that most of them are boring. Really boring. Ghosts, after all, are just people. And most people, in my humble opinion, are about as interesting as flat beer. Even so, ghosts can cause problems. They hang around in malls, take up seats on buses and trains and startle dogs and small children in parks and playgrounds. Given the chance, some of them will even try to interfere directly in the affairs of the living. It’s lucky for me that most people don’t believe in ghosts and can’t see them. What isn’t generally understood is that this unlikely state of affairs is almost entirely due to the work of the department whose job it is to keep the living and the dead separate.

I work for the department, and, trust me, sometimes it isn’t easy. If you’re any good at what you do, the people you meet won’t believe in ghosts and anyway, no-one wants to think about being dead. If you do it right, you will find yourself doing a job that isn’t recognised as necessary or real or even sane. So, when I was sent to Bologna to look into odd happenings at a Renaissance Palazzo, I didn’t expect much beyond the opportunity for decent coffee, good wine and palatable food.

Then I met Ellen. Ellen didn’t work for the department, but she could see ghosts. That’s a problem right there. She was also intelligent, self possessed, willful, and beautiful which provided a whole different set of problems. You see, there are worse things than ghosts out there in the grey world. Much worse. The thing that had lived in the cellars under the Palazzo Grimaldi for over five hundred years was one of those things. Should I report back like a good boy, wait for back-up and do things by the book? Or should I do something really stupid like going in right now, compromising security and letting her help me?

I think you probably already know the answer…

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