In late 2013, I started a web site called “The Pistol Place” where I posted articles and reviews on replica air pistols. I had been collecting and shooting replicas for several years and I had become frustrated with the lack of objective information available on-line. There were reviews certainly, but almost all of these were posted by people who were selling the replicas they were reviewing. In those circumstances, you can’t really expect a completely honest review – no seller is going to say “this replica is complete rubbish” because that means they won’t make any money.

I wanted a place where I could post unbiased reviews which gave an accurate evaluation of replicas, warts and all. Over time I also added other related articles and a section on classic replica air guns. By October 2016 the site had attracted over 750,000 hits and was averaging over 1,000 hits per day. And then my hosting service decided to increase the renewal cost to the point where I simply couldn’t afford to keep the site running – thank you Bluehost.com.

So that’s why I started the World of Replica Air Pistols. I don’t sell replicas or anything else, I don’t repair replicas and I don’t charge for access to this site. My plan is to provide a free repository of information for anyone interested in replica air pistols and the fact that I’m not selling anything means that you can rely on my reviews and other articles to be unbiased and objective.

Over time, I’ll be adding all the content that was previously on the Pistol Place to this site plus new material as it’s written. I hope that you enjoy it.

And if you would like to contribute a review or an article on a replica air pistol, I’d love to hear from you. Please use the Contact form to send me an e-mail.

Happy shooting