New Umarex replicas for 2017


It’s that time of year again – time for the IWA Outdoor Classics Trade Fair in Nuremberg which means it’s also time for Umarex to reveal new CO2 powered replicas for 2017. There are a couple of entirely new replicas this year in addition to developments of existing models and tweaks to old favourites. Here are the highlights:

Colt SAA

The main news with the Umarex Colt SAA is that this is now also available with a 7½” barrel in Artillery form (though the internal barrel is actually 6.75” in length). The new version is available as a pellet or 4.5mm BB shooter. Both versions see a modest increase in power over the 5½” version with the pellet shooter being rated at 120m/s (394fps) and the BB version at 130m/s (427fps). Both the pellet and BB shooting versions are available in black or nickel finish and there is also a US Marshal version in weathered finish with imitation wood grips incorporating a US Marshal badge.

Details of a rather nice gold and nickel finish of the 7½” Colt SAA replica are provided on the Umarex USA website here.


US Marshal version of the new BB shooting Colt SAA with 7½” barrel

Perhaps the oddest addition to the Umarex SAA range is the Custom Shop Edition. This BB shooting version has a 3½” outer barrel with venting slots, weathered finish, black grips, claimed power of 105m/s (345fps) and a “fanning” hammer. I’m not sure about this one – a vented barrel on an SAA? And it doesn’t appear to have a front sight? Why not just give us a standard 4¾” Gunfighter version rather than this shorter edition? However, it’s certainly a very different looking SAA and for that reason I’m sure many people will welcome this as part of their SAA collection.


Colt SAA Custom Shop Edition

Legends MP German


This probably the new Umarex replica that I’m most excited about this year – a replica of the iconic German Maschinenpistole 40 from World War Two. This is a 4.5mm BB shooter powered by two 12g Co2 cartridges which holds up to 60 BBs in a full-size, drop-out magazine. It’s all metal, weighs a hefty 3.5kg (7.7lbs), includes a folding stock and folding rear sight and sling points and can be shot in semi and full auto modes (though versions coming to the UK and other markets where full auto replicas are restricted will be semi-auto only).


Claimed power is a very respectable 140 m/s (460fps) and I presume this must be a blowback replica given that it’s capable of full-auto – so it won’t use the same system seen on, for example, the Umarex MP5. Attention to detail looks to be very good indeed and the MP German is available in two finishes – standard black and, as the “Legendary” in weathered finish.


The Legendary version will feature this rather nice weathered finish

The release date given in the IWA Press release is May 2017, though I have also seen June as the date from when this new replica will be available. Whenever it finally appears, I certainly can’t wait to see if this new replica is as good as it looks!

Some details of the MP40 are provided on the Umarex USA website here.

S&W 586/686


OK, not new models exactly but a couple of new finishes for some of the best Umarex replica air pistols ever made. The 586 gets a new black, Cerakote finish. It’s difficult to tell from photographs, but I’m hoping that this may resemble the shiny finish on the early versions of the 586. If you fancy a little more bling with your bang, the 686 gets an eye-catching new gold finish (though I’m afraid that the rotary pellet holder is still black).

Heckler and Koch P30 Kit


This is the existing Umarex HK P30 pellet/BB shooting replica with the addition of a mock silencer and a Walther Nano Point red-dot sight and mount. Claimed power is the same as for the standard P30, so I guess the silencer is cosmetic only and isn’t used to conceal an extended barrel.

Heckler & Koch USP


Umarex already sell a CO2 powered, BB shooting USP replica, but that’s a low-cost, non-blowback replica released back in 2009. This new version will be available from May and has blowback, a metal slide, a drop-out magazine holding up to 18 steel BBs, weighs almost 1kg (2.2lbs) and has claimed power of 105 m/s (344fps). The HK USP is a  popular service sidearm and a blowback version in 4.5mm is very welcome.

Finally I’ll leave you with a picture of a new finish for the venerable Umarex CP Sport. The pellet shooting CPS first appeared in 2000, looks a bit like the Walther P99 and is mechanically a lot like the Umarex Walther CP99, though it has more plastic parts and can’t be cocked for single action shooting. This new version will be available from later in March and is a standard CPS with a very striking finish in what’s described as a Kryptek Highlander design.


You can also see a YouTube video showing some of the new Umarex replicas for 2017 below.

2 thoughts on “New Umarex replicas for 2017

  1. would like to know when MP40 4.5mm steel shot with will be available for purchase, where and how. What price is it projected to be?


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