How Not to be Fat When You’re over Fifty

This isn’t a book about pistols, so you may wonder what it’s doing here in the World of Replica Air Pistols? Well, I know that many WoRAP readers are, like me, men who are over fifty. And let’s be honest here, some of us just aren’t as thin and fit as we used to be.


Being fat can make you unhappy, lead to long-term health problems and ruin your sex life.  Being fat when you’re over fifty can seem even worse because it feels unavoidable and inevitable. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Losing weight and getting fitter are possible at any age.  You just need to understand why you’re fat and what to do about it.

This book tells you how.  If you want miracle weight loss or the secret of how to have a buff body in two weeks, try the Internet.  If you want simple, down-to-earth, common-sense guidance from someone who is over fifty and used to be fat, this is the book for you. This book explains why you may be fat now even though you weren’t when you were younger and how to change that without going on a faddy diet or spending unfeasible amounts of time in a gym.

This book is intended for men over fifty, not because losing weight and improving fitness are any different for older men, but because there already seem to be lots of books and other help out there primarily intended for women and younger men. This one is just for us old, fat guys.

How Not to be Fat when you’re Over Fifty

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