Umarex Replica Air Guns, 1996 – 2014

Everything you ever wanted to know about Umarex replica air guns!

When I started collecting and shooting replica air pistols, I wanted some sort of reference book to explain the differences between the bewildering numbers of replicas available. I didn’t manage to find anything, so I decided to write one myself. The outcome of more than a year of writing and research including time spent at the Umarex plant in Arnsberg, Germany is this book.


Umarex are the biggest producers and suppliers of replica guns worldwide.  Most replica collections include one or more Umarex replicas.  Some contain nothing else.  Up to now, there hasn’t been a book which covers all Umarex .177″ and 4.5mm replicas…

Umarex Replica Air Guns, 1996 – 2014

This book covers all .177” and 4.5mm replica guns produced by Umarex Sportwaffen GmbH & Co. between 1996 (when the company launched their first replica) to the end of 2014. It includes information on the original firearms on which these replicas are based (where applicable) and a functional description of each replica with information about power, accuracy and CO2 consumption. Also includes information on alternative finishes, variants and/or special editions.


It also provides a brief history of the growth and development of Umarex, a look at how Umarex replicas are made and tips on the safe use, maintenance and storage of all Umarex replicas.

With over 250 pages, more than full-colour 100 photographs and 70,000 words of text, I believe that this is the definitive guide to Umarex steel BB and pellet shooting replicas.


Please note that this book does not cover Umarex air rifles with a barrel length of over 10”, target air pistols which are not replicas of firearms or any Umarex 6mm replicas.


This book is available both as an e-book in PDF format and as a full colour, high quality printed versions via Amazon.


Clicking either of the links below will take you to the Payhip Ltd. Site where you can securely pay for and download this book in PDF format.

Umarex Replica Air Guns, 1996 – 2014 , A4 size.

Umarex Replica Air Guns, 1996 – 2014 , US Letter size.

Social sharing discount

The price of the e-book version is $12. However, 20% discount is available if you agree to share a link to this book on your Facebook/ Twitter feed. When you get to the checkout, just click the “Share and get 20% off” button. Details of the book will be shared via your Twitter/Facebook and the total will be instantly recalculated to include your discount.

Hard copy

This book is also available as a full colour, high quality print version via Amazon.

Happy reading

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